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03. září 2004

Po delší době jsme se rozhodli, že změníme design našich stránek. Doufáme, že se Vám bude alespoň trochu líbit.
Naše firma poskytuje kromě překladatelských služeb i ubytování po celé ČR. Pokud máte zájem o naše ubytovací služby navštivte internetovou adresu www.motylek.com

We are a top-level translation and interpreting company, specializing in (but not limited to) finance, law and generally all those difficult topics that nobody else wants to deal with. Our key direct customers are typically ministries, embassies, large multinationals, municipalities, auditors, consultants, law companies, universities and courts of justice but we will gladly accomodate your specialised needs.

Motylek Conference Services specialises in providing top-level simultaneous interpreting to and from all European languages, on a turnkey basis, including all necessary technical equipment. You only have to contact us to find out the details and we will take care of the rest.

We focus on delivering all our translating services reliably well within agreed deadlines and at a cost agreed upon prior to commencing work. Our translators are well qualified and thoroughly tested and translations are subjected to checking by another translator before finalising each project.

All our services are of course subject to strit confidentiality between our clients and us. All our translators and interpreters abide by a professional code of ethics, which, among others, stipulates that the translator/interpreter is bound by strict secrecy with respect to the client and information he/she works with and cannot derive any personal profit from the confidential information acquired while carrying out services as a translator or interpreter.


Branch offices:

We frequently use the Internet for our work and so we would also like to ask you to use this method of contacting us, whenever possible, if you are interested in more information. Writing us an e-mail or sending us our request form calculation rather than making a phonecall can save you time and money.
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