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03. září 2004

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The scope of our work is wide - from translations of specialised documents to simultaneous interpreting at large conferences, including providing all equipment and expertise needed to ensure the success of any event, such as booths, earphones, microphones and amplifiers, which we can install well in advance.

In order to maintain client confidentiality we cannot publish all details of the events and projects we participated in but here is a short selection of our past work, which shows that we take on events that are small and large, one-time only or those that take up several days or weeks.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting:

2003 - Conference "Are cities ready for entry into the EU?"
2003 - Mission at District Court Pardubice
2003 - Konference Eurocities - simultaneous interpreting
2003 - Reception for a French ambassador
2003 - Interpreting for the chairman of German Supreme Court + ladies program
2003 - Konference 2003 - Euroregion conference - simultaneous interpreting
2003 - The Supreme Court - interpreting for the chairman of the Netherlands Supreme Court
2003 - Olomouc city, Workshop Environmental Days Olomouc, technical equipment
2003 - Obecní dům, conference, technical equipment including operators

2002 - interpreting for a performance of Mahen Theatre including technical equipment
2002 - the Supreme Court - Workshop "Courts and Lawyers", interpreting including technical equipment and operators
2002 - Discussions about EURO - simultaneous interpreting
2002 - International workshop about the integration of foreigners - simultaneous interpreting
2002 - Meetinf of a financial commission of the Co-operation network of European mid-size cities - interpreting, technical equipment including operators
2002 - MATRA - Integratied approach to accomodations - technical equipment including operators
2002 - cabin interpreting - TECHAGRO inauguration
2002 - cabin interpreting - meeting of foreign representatives

2001 - CR Embassy - Vienna - cabin interpreting including equipment - EU Erweiterung Vienna
2001 - US Embassy in Prague - Central European Forum on Security and Cooperation in Brno, Interpreting and equipment as per order
2001 - Interpreting a performance of Viszinghaz Budapest including technical equipment
2001 - CR Embassy - Vienna - simultaneous interpreting - 2 interpreters Kontaktbörse Wirtschaftskammer Wien
2001 - Reception for a Russian general consul
2001 - Reception for a South African ambassador
2001 - Kuratorium Česko - Saského business forum - interpreting
2001 - Conference on the European Administrative Law in the National Legal System - simultaneous interpreting

2000 - Workshop - Brno-city on the railways of the 21st century - international co-operation - interpreting
2000 - Brno - simultaneous interpreting and equipment for "New Working Practices"
2000 - Regional administration Hodonín - interpreting for the agricultural sub-commission
2000 - Cypres delegation
2000 - the Supreme Court - interpreting for Madeleine Albright

1999 - Seminar "Integrated Aproach to Accomodations" MATRA - interpreting
1999 - Seminar at the Brno Supreme Court including technical equipment
1999 - the Supreme Court - interpreting a lecture by Mr. Wildhaber

1998 - Interpreting - Europe Day
1998 - Interpreting - Phare
1998 - Canadian embassy - interpreting


Branch offices:

We frequently use the Internet for our work and so we would also like to ask you to use this method of contacting us, whenever possible, if you are interested in more information. Writing us an e-mail or sending us our request form calculation rather than making a phonecall can save you time and money.
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